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If you are looking for internet-based l family law help, then you are at the right place. Legal coaching and attorney prepared legal documents empower you to represent yourself with greater confidence. Just because you do not have a lawyer doe not mean that you cannot achieve the best results available for your facts. Here, you can get legal coaching and legal document preparation from an experienced California family law lawyer who can help you prepare, organize, and present your case as effectively and persuasively as possible. Get the strategic advice and practical tips that help you be effective in family court.

With Defending LA, APC, you are in the driver’s seat. You can get assistance from an experienced licensed California attorney who will provide you with affordable counsel to file your court paperwork to gain or modify custody/visitation. We are available to help with all kinds of family legal matters on a limited-scope basis. Please note we do not offer full-service family law services.

Why Choose Defending LA, APC


You are looking for help from an Experienced California Family Law Lawyer and do not want to hire a full time lawyer.


You want a Transparent Flat-Fee Structure which Leaves you In Control of How Much You Spend on Your Legal Fees.


You are ready to go to court to get or modify a custody/visitation order in family law court.

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How We Help In 3-Easy Steps

Hire us to prepare your custody request paperwork. Tell us your story and watch your story come to life.
Step 1
We prepare your paperwork and provide filing and service instructions. You file and serve your paperwork.
Step 2
We help you with preparing for your hearing. You attend your court hearing and obtain a court order from a Judge.
Step 3

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