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Criminal Law

Criminal defense lawyers.

Bladed & Edged Weapons

California knife defense & advocacy.

Attorney Consultation

Criminal law and family law.


Formally Request Information and Documents.

Name Change

Get Your Name Back.

Divorce & Separation

Coaching and Document Preparation.

Spousal Support

Obtain/Modify/Terminate/Enforce a Spousal Support Order. Attorney-assisted Document Preparation.

Child Support

Obtain/Modify/Terminate/ Enforce a Child Support Order. Attorney-assisted Document Preparation.


Child Custody

Obtain/Modify/Terminate/ Enforce a Child Custody Order. Attorney-assisted Document Preparation.

Family Law Seminar

Educate Yourself About Family Law.

Professional And Experienced Family Law and Criminal Defense Firm

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Criminal Defense: Call us with your criminal defense needs. We are a full service criminal defense law firm providing exceptional legal counsel. 

Family Law: If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer looking for internet-based legal help, then you are at the right place. Legal Education Seminars, Legal Coaching and Attorney Prepared Legal Documents empower you to represent yourself with greater confidence and success. We offer legal education, legal coaching and legal document preparation by an experienced California family law lawyer to help you prepare, organize, and present your case as effectively and persuasively as possible. Get the strategic advice and practical tips that help you be effective in family court

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Serving Justice a la carte

Family Law Only: We are in the business of serving justice a la carte from the comfort of your electronic device. You are in the driver’s seat. Here you can get assistance from an experienced licensed California attorney who will provide you with affordable counsel to move your family law case forward. We are available to help with all kinds of family legal matters on a limited scope basis. Click here to learn about limited scope legal help. We do not offer full service family law services. The only full service family law matter offered is enforcing a family law court order.

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