Change Name Package

Step 1: Consultation

A confidential consultation with one of our attorneys at Defending L.A., APC.

Step 2: Preparation

The professional preparation of the Petition for Change of Name.

Step 3: Filing

The filing of the petition. (Price does not include filing fee)


The preparation of the court filing fee waiver form as needed.
The publication of the name change for 1 month in a court approved legal newspaper. (Price does not include publication charge by newspaper)
We obtain a court date.
We prepare you for the court date.
Please review the rules for qualifying for a name change. If any of the following apply to you then you will not be able to proceed under this basic package. Please make an appointment with an attorney who will quote you a custom price for changing your name. No refunds will be given if your name change application is denied by the court for the following reasons:
You have criminal record;
You have unpaid traffic tickets.
Court costs are not included and vary depending on which county you file your application. You must pay fee to newspaper for publication for required period of time. Fee varies and is usually under $100.
If you qualify for a fee waiver, we will help you with the preparation of the documents necessary for filing by you.