You can legally get your Ex to disclose information or documents to you, as long as there is a case filed in Family Court.
If you would like to know how much your Ex earns, or assets or property they own, we can help. By filing the right paperwork with the Court, you can (legally) get the info or documents you want and need.


Step 1: Consultation

Up to 1 hour consultation with a licensed California attorney. You will get an opportunity to speak with an attorney, who will review your situation, obtain relevant information for proper preparation of your paperwork and answer your questions

Step 2: Preparation

Your paperwork will then be properly prepared by a licensed California attorney, so that you can be ready to file

Step 3: Filing

You will receive clear and complete written instructions with your paperwork

Request Information From Your Ex


Request Information about Your Ex ($95)

Step 1: Preparation

We will prepare Form Interrogatories, which you can serve on our Ex, requiring them to disclose to you their income, assets and expenses.

Step 2: Instructions

We will provide full written instructions on how to serve your Ex with the paperwork, what to file, and what information is requested from them.

Request Information From Your Ex


The above does not include anything not specifically stated above.
Attorney consultation is limited to time allotted in the package. Additional consultation may be purchased separately
This is document preparation only.
We do not serve your discovery;
We do not conduct an independent investigation into facts you or your spouse provides;
We do not conduct an independent investigation into the location of your spouses’ residence.